Woah - I did not expect this to be still around. I came on by to get a copy of my bucket list and was fully expecting to not find it but just woah.

Well, hello everybody :)
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Science Fiction Recommendations?

I'll be visiting Goa (and my nephews and nieces who have grown omg) soon. Very soon. In a couple of weeks in fact.

And I was thinking of starting them on the Science Fiction journey...

The oldest nephew is 9. He's loved everything I've given him so far (last series was Charlie Boone...). The oldest niece is 13. I started her on the YA Pratchett (Tiffany Aching series) and she loved those.

Any recommendations on what next? Their moms won't let them read Harry Potter, so no go on that. I have the whole set of Artemis Fowl as well.

Any YA science fiction with a strong female protagonist?

City of Angels...

We've been rehearsing for 5 weeks now and the cast is just fabulous. There's surprisingly very little drama (not at all like the last show I was in) and everyone is so professional and kind. The production folks and the stage manager are all equity so they are a little hard nosed about every thing. The rest of us are having a blast.

Also, the tickets for the show are available on the ACT website. We are going to be performing in their smaller 90 seat theater in the conservatory. We haven't actually started rehearsing in there yet. They'll get us in there once the current production closes at the end of this week.

This acting and singing thing has kept me busy and yes, I'm in no danger of quitting my day job (much as I'd like to). But I hope you get to come see me.
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Some Day

Some Day

Someday I will write a poem for you and I will not
mention the air or the night;
a poem with no reference to names of flowers,
with no jasmines or magnolias.

Someday I will write you a poem without birds or
fountains, a poem that eludes the sea
and does not look to the stars.

Someday I will write you a poem that will just
caress your skin
and change your glance to words.

Without comparisons, without metaphors, some
day, I will write a poem that smells like you,
a poem with the rhythm of your pulse, with the
crushing intensity of your embrace.

Someday I will write a poem for you, the song of
my happiness.

-- Dario Jaramillo Agudelo (from Love Poems, 1986)

YASH (...another student show...)

I'm in a cabaret/musical class at ACT and we will be doing our student performance on Monday Nov 21.
Yes, it is thanksgiving week, but if you are free that night and want to see some lovely singers (some of the people in my class are just amazing singers), please come. The show will be at ACT (30 Grant St, San Francisco). I'll update this post with the time, but it will probably be 7:00pm or 7:30pm.
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When going somewhere you have never been to, the kind of directions you get are along the lines of "start at the bus stop, go straight, turn left at the mango tree, then turn right at the cross by the side of the road... etc, etc.". They get interesting sometimes when the mango tree falls in a storm, in which case the directions go "turn left at where the mango tree used to be...". I don't remember what happens when people forget that a mango tree used to exist there, but it's been at least five years and my parents still say that.

Anyway, I was excited to find out that Google maps gives out directions for Goa, so I thought I should conduct an experiment to see how the directions differ. Here's the result.

Well played, Google. Well played.

Edit: the landmarks are important because cardinal directions are only used for macro directions (as in Kerala is to the south or that-a-way (point in a random direction)). And most streets do not have names (those that do have illegible signs/signs placed in unreadable -from-the-road locations).

Vacation mode.

One of my sisters is a dentist and handles some of the 'medical tourism' business. She can get really busy since the costs are so much more reasonable (even when she doubles her rates). For example, deep cleaning costs around $1200-2400 in the US. Here, it costs around Rs 10,000-20,000 which is $200-400.

One of the clinics she works at is close to a beach, so we all piled in with her yesterday and she went to the clinic and we went to the beach.

The beach (Vagator) is a little off the beaten path, so it was deserted.

Compared to the more well known Baga Beach, which is just a few miles south:

We're famous! (or something...)

Sometime in December, I auditioned for and got a part in an online audio drama entitled 'The Realtor and the CEO'.

Yesterday, the producer told me that they had received a cease-and-desist letter from the National Realtors Association, on the usage of the word 'Realtor' in the title and characters of the play.

I must say that it has done nice things to the listener ratings for the audio-drama (taking the daily unique listeners up to 40-50 from 4-6).

The old urls is no more (http://www.realtorandceo.com). Hear the complete set at: http://www.larisanaples.com/

[TravelTales] The way things used to be...

One day we (my mom, sister, nieces and me) went to my paternal grandparents for lunch. My grandparents died some time ago, and now my aunt, cousin and his family live there. My dad grew up there and we used to spend some of our summers playing in the rice fields.

Many things had changed, a lot for the better. Many other things had stayed the same. It was surprising and a little nostalgic to see and re-experience parts of my childhood.

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