Glenn (curioushamster) wrote,

On the general decline of whatever...

We moved floors at work - I'm now much higher (28th floor) in a downtown San Francisco office building, with great views of the fog over the bay.

I get in to work this morning and finish configuring my workstation and chair and phone and all the other stuff. Next on the agenda was to setup the printers. I look for the closest one, and it's called "Excalibur" and I though "cool, the sysadmin's going with an Arthurian theme".

Couple of hours later, someone walks by, reads the name on the printer and announces to the cubicle dwellers sitting by: "Oh, 'Excalibur' - are we going with Las Vegas names for this floor?".

At this point, I don't know whether to bang my head somewhere or to be afraid to go look at the names on the other printers...
Tags: arthurian, name, printer, rant, san francisco, sign

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