Glenn (curioushamster) wrote,

The adventure begins..

This morning I was finishing packing and was about to leave a note for my house sitter when I got a text message. It was United Airlines, saying that my 1:55pm flight to Frankfurt was delayed and would now be leaving at 6:00pm.

After a heartstopping moment of realising that I would miss the Frankfurt-Bombay, and Bombay-Goa flights, making my journey take 4 days instead of the three. Thanks to the power of the internet, I quickly called customer service.

That's right, in the internet age, you're much more likely to get your problem solved by calling a real person.

After understanding my situation, the customer service agent started looking for options. There was another flight to Frankfurt leaving about an hour later. Unfortunately, it was full. Then she asked me "Are you at the airport?"
"How fast can you get to the airport?"
"Lets see, the cab takes about 30-40 minutes to get here, and I live about 10 minutes away from the airport, so I can get there in an hour."

I had misunderstood the question. It was really a trick one, and it turns out that yes, there was a flight from Chicago to Frankfurt and I could be on it and not miss all my other connections. Only thing is, it was 9:00 am and the San Francisco-Chicago flight departed at 11:58am.

So I had exactly one hour to reach the airport. And I hadn't showered, or finished packing or even had breakfast yet.

So the cats got an earful and sat on the couch watching me run around and swear and try and get the house in some semblance of order. Well, I have to admit I didn't succeed in that endeavor. Sorry house and cat sitter. I really didn't mean to leave my place in that state. The good news is that all horizontal surfaces (tables, countertops) are clutter free. The bad news is that the couch isn't vacuumed; the floors aren't swiftered; the dishes aren't done; the laundry hasn't been put away.

The other thing I've discovered is today is that I can shower, shave, pack 2 suitcases and be ready to go in under 45 minutes. (I had of course, gathered together all the stuff to be packed into said suitcases ahead of time.)

I got to the airport and had to use an agent to checkin (international flight etc, etc). And the agent gets my passport and then asks "do you have your alien card?"
"My what?" I asked, wondering if the stress had made me grow a tentacele or two.
"Your alien registration card?"
"I don't think I have one. Do you mean my permanent residence card?"
"Yes, that's the one."

Whew. No tentacles here.

So now here I am in the air, flying to Chicago and I'm not sure I have everyone's gifts packed correctly and in what state everything will arrive and whether the Lush jelly soap will cause a fuss at Customs in Bombay and how much will they rip me off for this time.

The adventure continues...

Well, it's 90 degrees in Chicago. I'm getting my dose of heat in early.
And my flight's been delayed. Only an hour so far. This is turing out to be quite an adventure.

Also, I landed, went to the bathroom and discovered I'd put on my underwear inside out. I was glad I at least put it on before I put on my jeans....
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