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Brief update

Am awake and sane again. I did wake up at 1:00am last night and managed to doze off and sleep lightly and wake up at 8:00am. Which means I was pretty functional today.

I'll put up some pictures as soon as I find the cable that connects the camera to the laptop.

I was also really impressed with myself: I found out that I haven't forgotten how to bathe in less than 3 gallons of water. No long cold showers here :(

On the plus side, while it has been raining enough to keep the temperatures relatively down (today's high was 84 degrees), it hasn't been raining all the time, so going out and about is just a matter of timing (waiting for the rains to stop).

I think I'll be rested enough to start connecting with friends and cousins and family tomorrow.
Tags: goa, india, travel

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