December 7th, 2007

Morning haiku(s)

Waiting for a bus
Regent street lights gleam in the
early morning rain.

TFL has learnt
Muni's tricks: three together
like London's weather.

(Image of the Regent Street Christmas lights courtesy of ADevlin-Photographer via the Londonist flickr group. I'll get a fuller picture later tonight.)

Holiday lights on Regent Street.

Well, I got one decent shot from just outside the entrance to the Oxford Street tube station. That's when I regretted not carrying my DSLR with me this time. I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow.

And I found out that the balls of light (just above the bus) react to the pedestrians/traffic/sunlight/wind and change colour/brightness. Good thing I did because the sequence/timing of colour changes was really bugging me when I was standing there waiting for the No 15 to show up all these mornings :).

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