January 4th, 2008

War Games - Karl Hansen

Interesting premise. Nicely done characters. Only one annoyance. Thing that makes me want to scream. You got it. Short sentences. I mean, really short. Making it impossible to get into the flow of the (thought provoking) story.

I picked up this book because of a thread on Amazon, where a self-righteous person posted a question that asked for recommendations for science fiction books that did not have depictions of "perverted" sex in them. The post was titled "Perverted science fiction books to avoid".

You can guess what happened next - people started listing stuff that was the exact opposite of what he wanted. So of course, I had to jump on and make sure I had read all those books.

I was a little surprised to see that I had read quite a lot of those books. Funny, because I had picked out those books because of the stories, and I had not really thought that the depictions of sex there were in any way perverted.

Yes, there was stuff that shocked (very little of it, I might add). There was stuff that you just glossed over thinking "no way, you need to go out and meet a _real_ woman". There was stuff that gripped and pulled you in, and afterwards left you wondering, "why is my underwear wet?". And there was a lot of thought provoking stuff. Nothing I would consider "perverted".

Just goes to show, I guess.