March 15th, 2008

Hey baby, wanna ride in my pickup truck?

My car is showing its age, and is in the shop today and because repair would cost me a bundle and take the whole day, they gave me a rental.

They didn't have any cars left, and the only rental vehicle on the lot was a dodge pickup truck.

Oh. My. Deity! That thing is a monster. You're sitting there, high above the puny mortals in their flimsy cars and you can hear the growl of the engine responding as you press on the accelerator, you can see the wide berth the small cars give you as creep along the road trying to get used to all this expansiveness, while the monster sucks up fuel.

Oh yeah. I used to think my car was bad. At least it used a straw to drink fuel. This thing uses a garden hose. I had to go, "what do you mean it's empty?!" before driving to the gas station. And the fill-up took forever and cost eleventy thousand.

Hot damn. I get the monster truck mania now - I was giggling like a little kid all the way home.