July 2nd, 2008


Finally got here: three airports, two flights and 20 hours later.

Still very tired, so will just jot down a few observations and update later.

Singapore airport is clean. Unbelievably clean. The carpet looked like it had been laid down last month. I didn't see a single piece of litter or discolored wall on my way to the immigration desk. At the immigration desk (I was at counter 13 - obviously there are no triskaidekaphobics here), and the line was moving pretty swiftly. There was no interrogation like I would normally face flying into Europe or San Francisco.

They had a bowl of mints at the counter. I guess I must have been staring at it in shock because the nice lady told me "take some, and welcome to Singapore".

Well, we landed at 11:40pm local time, so there was no line for taxis. The taxi driver kept trying to talk to me, in Chinese. I couldn't figure out if he was talking to me or on a cellphone, so I ignored him, until he turned around (aarrgh - look at the road!) and asked me in broken English if I was here on holiday or work. He seemed disappointed on learning I was here on business. And didn't talk to me the rest of the trip. :(

The drive to the hotel was short, through wide freeways with actual green growth on the median and on either side. Oh yes, I'm in the tropics. Two things stood out on the way to the hotel: 1. How little traffic there was (ok, may have been the hour) and 2. someone (ok, a cute someone in a tanktop and sweatpants) was jogging along the road.

That's all for now...