July 31st, 2008

Almost there...

Greetings from Mumbai. There is apparently free wi-fi here, and I can connect to the access point and that's it. So this may probably not get posted until much later.

It's 3:00 am in Mumbai and it was pouring when we landed. There was so much water on the runway that the pilot used reverse thrust to slow down the 747 and did not hit the brakes until we got almost to the end of the runway. My travel adventure (part 1) hasn't ended yet. I have another flight to catch (this one, to Goa's short - only about an hour) and then maybe an hour's taxi ride to my sisters house in Santa Cruz, Goa.

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And oh, because of the rush in which I packed, I didn't pack my camera in my carryon, so there won't be any photos until I find it again.