December 22nd, 2008


At the grocery store yesterday, I was in the checkout counter and put my purchases on the conveyor. A little girl behind me glanced at what I was putting on there.

"Oh, coconuts. Mummy look."
Mummy dutifully looked.
"How would you open them?" she asked her mummy.
"I don't know" mummy told her and then she turned to me.
"How do you open them?"
"I use a machete*", I told her, which she then repeated to her daughter, who looked confused.
"What if you don't have a machete, how would you open it?" she asked me.

I had to think about the last time I had to do that.

"Well, you could use a hammer", I told her, "or a rock, or bang it on a big stone. That'll break it."
"Ahh" the girl said "and then you get the milk from inside?"
"Yes, you'll get the coconut juice", I told her.

She didn't believe me.

*Hi missionista!