May 8th, 2012

City of Angels...

We've been rehearsing for 5 weeks now and the cast is just fabulous. There's surprisingly very little drama (not at all like the last show I was in) and everyone is so professional and kind. The production folks and the stage manager are all equity so they are a little hard nosed about every thing. The rest of us are having a blast.

Also, the tickets for the show are available on the ACT website. We are going to be performing in their smaller 90 seat theater in the conservatory. We haven't actually started rehearsing in there yet. They'll get us in there once the current production closes at the end of this week.

This acting and singing thing has kept me busy and yes, I'm in no danger of quitting my day job (much as I'd like to). But I hope you get to come see me.
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