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I suppose I should really be more careful...

Most of the times when I'm hanging out at home, I'm usually wearing a large t-shirt and underpants (or sometimes none). That's not usually a problem because most of my neighbours need to look up to see into my kitchen/living room. Which means that from the street level, about all you can see is my upper torso.

So yesterday, I was hanging out in the living room reading something when there was a knock on the door. I was really into the novel (Bujold's Sharing Knife) so I walked over and opened it. It was a postman with a parcel for me (yay christmas - but why is my ex-girlfriends mom sending me a gift? what does it mean? Is she glad we broke up? I suppose I'll have to open it to find out...).

Anyway, I signed for the parcel with my mind still in Bujold's universe, and as I was closing the door, the postman said "Merry Christmas" and flashed me a look I didn't recognize at that time.

I just got it.

Merry Christmas Mr. Postman.
Although, I'm actually playing for the other team.

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