Glenn (curioushamster) wrote,

Birds, birds, birds.

About a week ago, I put out a bird feeder in my back yard. Watching them has been fun and it's amazing to see how they respond to my presence and to try and figure out their pecking order.

It took them a while to start feeding. For a day or so, they would perch on the fence and on the rose bushes around and just seem to go about their business. Apparently, they were watching the feeder carefully to see if it was safe to perch and eat.

Sunday evening, I scared the group on there away when I came out to the back yard with my beer. After I'd been sitting in the sun for a while, two little finches flew to the feeder and started eating. They were plain brown ones (females, as I later found out from wikipedia). Then the red breasted ones (the males) flew down and chased the females away from the perches.

Watching them twit and flit about, chirping away is very relaxing. And as an added benefit, they've started hanging out on my rose bushes, eating the aphids and the rose bugs.

I'm thinking of getting a hummingbird feeder next. That should be even more fun.


When I was at the pet store looking for bird seed, I was surprised to see that the smallest bag was 10lbs and was a little unhappy, thinking that the seed would go waste, thinking, "well, how much do birds eat anyway?"

Well, I found out. This flock of around 10/15 finches goes through two cups of black sunflower seed every day. I think I may need another bag soon.
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