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Backyard bird update.

"Hummingbirds are vicious little buggers." - A friend of mine.
"No, no, no - they're so little and cute." - Me.

Well, sad to say, my friend was right.
Over the last week, I noticed a tiny little hummingbird dart in and feed while hovering, looking all around between feedings. "Hmm, that's strange - maybe there's a cat getting into the yard", I thought.


Yesterday, I saw another hummingbird - a slightly larger one - sitting on the tree, just looking around. He was gorgeous, with a scarlet throat and a dark green back.


I was wondering what was up with that when I saw the littler hummingbird fly in towards the feeder, and the one in the tree dive-bombed it, chattering loudly while chasing it away. Vicious little bugger is right.

That said, there's a scrub jay that's started showing up:


Such pretty blue feathers!
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