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When going somewhere you have never been to, the kind of directions you get are along the lines of "start at the bus stop, go straight, turn left at the mango tree, then turn right at the cross by the side of the road... etc, etc.". They get interesting sometimes when the mango tree falls in a storm, in which case the directions go "turn left at where the mango tree used to be...". I don't remember what happens when people forget that a mango tree used to exist there, but it's been at least five years and my parents still say that.

Anyway, I was excited to find out that Google maps gives out directions for Goa, so I thought I should conduct an experiment to see how the directions differ. Here's the result.

Well played, Google. Well played.

Edit: the landmarks are important because cardinal directions are only used for macro directions (as in Kerala is to the south or that-a-way (point in a random direction)). And most streets do not have names (those that do have illegible signs/signs placed in unreadable -from-the-road locations).
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