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I ran out of essentials and made a visit to my friendly neighbourhood box store.

As is my want, I wander down the aisle, comparing the unit costs of things before picking them up. It also helps that I don't watch live TV (and consequently have no emotional attachment whatsoever to brands). So there I am, walking between the shelves, ticking off my shopping list, daydreaming about the cute shoppers, comparing unit costs, picking stuff to put in my cart: only to find in my hands a packet of gillete mach 3 disposable razors. DISPOSABLE for fucks sake.

In what bizarro universe do disposable fucking razors cost less than blades? How is this even possible? They're not even remotely the same size. One's about an inch long, with three strips of tiny hardened steel embedded in it at a precisely calculated angle. The other's about six times longer (ok, with the same three strips of hardened steel at one end, embedded at the same precisely calculated angle).

So how can the latter be sold for less than the former?
The packages were even priced to confuse the straight price shoppers: 16 blades for $30, 12 disposables for $20.Prices approximate - I forgot the exact price of the disposables

I might just have to go back to my safety razor.
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