Glenn (curioushamster) wrote,

Some Day

Some Day

Someday I will write a poem for you and I will not
mention the air or the night;
a poem with no reference to names of flowers,
with no jasmines or magnolias.

Someday I will write you a poem without birds or
fountains, a poem that eludes the sea
and does not look to the stars.

Someday I will write you a poem that will just
caress your skin
and change your glance to words.

Without comparisons, without metaphors, some
day, I will write a poem that smells like you,
a poem with the rhythm of your pulse, with the
crushing intensity of your embrace.

Someday I will write a poem for you, the song of
my happiness.

-- Dario Jaramillo Agudelo (from Love Poems, 1986)

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